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EntityData Properties

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

The properties of the EntityData class are listed below. For a complete list of EntityData class members, see the EntityData Members topic.

Public Instance Properties

ChildrenInfoMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.ChildrenInfo
ClassIdMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.ClassId
DomainMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.Domain
EntityTypeMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.EntityType
IsAbstractMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.IsAbstract
OidDataMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.OidData
ParentDataMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.ParentData
PolymorphismManager It is only when polymorphism is really needed that we add the machinery to handle children and polymorphism. A polymorphic branch is defined as the set consisting of a polymorphic entity, its children and (recursively) the children of its children. Inside a polymorphic branch, OIDs must be unique. Between two unrelated polymorphic branches, OIDs may not be unique. The polymorphism manager retreives the entity factory associated with a particular OID inside a polymorphic branch.
PropertyInfosMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.PropertyInfos
ReferenceInfosMissing <summary> documentation for P:Eldorado.Object.Domain.EntityData.ReferenceInfos

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